My name is Joe! I'm from Chicago, where I live and study computer science. I like video games and TV shows and also other things.

Over the past year or two, I’ve been building a collection of desktop wallpaper from Halo concept art, and it’s gotten pretty big so I figured I’d put it out there for others to use.

Even if you don’t need new wallpaper, there’s some pretty cool art here you may not have seen before.

Right now there are 158 images.

  • 21 from Halo 3
  • 22 from ODST
  • 56 from Reach
  • 29 from Halo 4
  • 12 from Halo Anniversary
  • 5 from Halo Wars
  • and 13 from other sources (Motion Comics, a few from Halo 2, etc.)

I recommend dumping it all into one folder and setting it to rotate every half hour or so!

Download from Dropbox (173 MB)

if the Doopbox link is down use this:

Download from Skydrive

Note: some of these may be a bit smaller than your screen resolution, sorry about that.  I use 1366x768, so everything in here looks good at that size.  Most of the wallpapers are cropped to 16:9 from their original source, so sizes can vary quite a bit.  Hopefully there’s something big enough for you to use.  Also, I didn’t bother to rename most of the files, so if a filename has a resolution in it, it’s probably wrong, so check for yourself.  I’ll probably fix that later.

update: I just went back and added the resolution to each image’s filename.  Should be a bit less annoying that way.

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